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About the restaurant

Germany has a tradition of locating the main beer restaurant in the basement of an old city hall in the central square. Usually it is called Ratskeller, «the basement of the city hall» as translated into English. What’s good for Germans turned out to be admired by people from Ural. The local Ratskeller has been working in Ekaterinburg for many years. Everything complies with tradition: the cold fresh beer, homemade delicious food, unforgettable waitresses and an all year round Oktoberfest.

The welcoming interiors remind you more of a bar arranged inside a big apartment with a dining room, library and cabinet. However, the menu has everything that a quality beer restaurant needs. In addition to traditional sausages and baked pork knuckles, you can order duck with honey apples and even cured pork fat with vareniki (stuffed dumplings). The restaurant prides itself in the biggest variety of German beer including the most popular kinds and rare ones, as well as a selection of small Russian brewers. Summer at Ratskeller brings an improvised «biergarten», a traditional German «beer garden» with grilled meat and slightly bitter cold beer to cool the seasonal heat.

For admirers of history

Germans and German culture appeared in Ekaterinburg at the very moment of its foundation. Vasily Tatyshev’s new mining center hired numerous qualified mining engineers, clerks, doctors and other professionals from Germany to work there. Many have stayed and founded professional dynasties that played a crucial role in forming the intellectual elite of Ural. German artisans and traders opened breweries, pubs, sausage, tea and pastry establishments in Ural. In the 19th century, German service men made a habit of riding to work on a three wheel metal bicycle and created a group of amateur cyclists, participated in bicycle competitions and motorbike races. Others made skiing fashionable in nearby neighborhoods and horse riding, opened music hobby clubs and set up the Natural Science Society. German stores, offices and workshops were very popular among the city dwellers, and the beer stalls and pubs flourished right until the prohibition law came into effect in 1914. Today the Ratskeller continues to introduce the city dwellers to German culture and together with the FRG consul hosts German folk music concerts and cinema evenings in original language with subtitles.


The foundation of our menu are strong traditions of beer gastronomy and simple food served in large portions. We grill traditional and original sausages of our own making and bake real pretzels ourselves. With pork supplied by the best local farmers, we cook mind-blowing foreshank with a crispy crust and sugary ribs. And, of course, we offer to the connoisseurs our Ural pickled delicacies.

We particularly recommend to try our specialties — homemade sausages, duck with apples, quality Russian beef steaks, a variety of homemade cured pork fat and vareniki that were introduced by Vitaly Uschapovksy, a sous-chef from Kiev.


Our chefs

Vitaly Uschapovsky is originally from Kiev. Right after graduating high school at the age of 17, he started to cook professionally and as he himself says, «I avoided being drafted and hid in the kitchen». His career turned out to be surprisingly international as he worked in restaurants with French, Italian and Spanish cuisine and even worked on an American cruise liner. After working as a chef in Ukraine and abroad, Vitaly moved with his family to Russia where he started his creative work at Ratskeller. Like most German specialists of Tatyshev and de Hennin times, our chef-consultant Jens Nasuto came to Ekaterinburg from the great Saxony. Jens is a hereditary butcher and really knows everything about authentic farmer products. He worked at a factory in his hometown since 18, where he mastered the preparation of wonderful sausages and succulent ham hocks. He then went to Berlin to further develop his culinary talents. You would ask what such a specialist is doing in Ekaterinburg? It’s very simple! Love brought him to Ural. In Germany’s capital Jens met a wonderful Russian girl, to whom he is married now. The girl went on to work for the German consul in Ekaterinburg and brought the whole family here. A pure chance of fate. And great luck for admirers of German cuisine in our town. What unites our chefs is the love for a tradition of hearty homemade food and attention to the quality of products. Therefore, you can always find great home cured pork fat and vareniki, succulent foreshank and original sausages from select meat at Ratskeller.


Ratskeller at your home

We enjoy and know how to perform onsite service of any complexity and any site. We are always ready to help with suggestions on hosts, DJs and musicians and offer any kind of dish from the Resta Management chain of restaurants. Our team not only delivers the food, it also delivers a festive atmosphere and celebration. Finally — our budgets are always clear, so the numbers won’t cause you any headache. We absolutely guarantee it!

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

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